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Three Edinburgh buildings win architects’ awards



Three Edinburgh buildings win architects’ awards

The Royal Institute of Architects in Scotland has named three buildings in Edinburgh as winners of national architecture awards.

The three buildings are Edinburgh Printmakers by Page / Park Architects, King’s Stables Road by Fletcher Joseph Associates and the Bayes Center by Bennetts Associates.

Fourteen housing, education and healthcare awards were announced among the winners, including a mobile micro-home on Skye.

The RIAS Awards are designed to show the quality and breadth of architectural endeavors in Scotland. All types and sizes of architectural projects can win a RIAS Award, as the list of award winners 2021 shows. Buildings are judged by a jury of experts who examine the architectural integrity, usability and context, delivery and execution, and sustainability of each project.

The winners of the RIAS Awards become the “longlist” for the RIAS Andrew Doolan Best Building in Scotland Award. The shortlist for the Andrew Doolan Award 2021 will be announced on September 30th and the winner will be announced on November 30th.

RIAS President Christina Gaiger said, “I am delighted that these fantastic buildings in Edinburgh have won the RIAS Awards. They are all great projects and great examples of how architecture can make a real difference to places and people’s lives. I congratulate Page Park Architects, Fletcher Joseph Associates, and Bennetts Associates – as well as their clients and the local communities who have played such an important role in the design of these outstanding new buildings.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of our built environment to individuals and communities, and the RIAS Awards are a moment to stop and celebrate the incredible difference architects are making across the country. This year’s RIAS Awards demonstrate the critical role architecture can play – whether it be in providing better homes and public services, combating climate change, celebrating our common culture and heritage, or just providing moments of joy. This year’s RIAS Awards are very broad and show the versatility of the profession, and each of them is a very worthy winner. “

Edinburgh Printmakers by Page Park Architects

The only remaining building in the Castle Mills industrial complex, which made nearly 2 million pairs of rubber boots for the British Army during World War I, is now a new creative hub thanks to the renovation of a derelict Grade II listed building into an inviting apartment building. Use art complex. The jury particularly praised the opening of the top floor to create a wonderful printing studio with natural light where artists now work together.

King’s Stables Road by Fletcher Joseph Associates

This mix of private and rental apartments (including student apartments and a hotel) transforms a former municipal depot into a lively, attractive environment. Its muted palette of traditional materials blends in with the existing structure of the old town, and the upgraded public area is now connected to historic closings with views of and from Edinburgh Castle. The jury described King’s Stables Road as “a unique and successful development that is carefully tailored to the location”.

Bayes Center by Bennetts Associates

The new Edinburgh University building, the final phase of a refurbishment program, began in 2003. It is a research, business and learning building designed to enable collaboration between different users in the data industry and to be a place to hang out and exchange ideas. The judges described the Bayes Center as “a rigorous and adaptable design that should robustly meet the changing needs of the university”.

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