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Karl Rove says Republicans must condemn Capitol attack



Karl Rove says Republicans must condemn Capitol attack

On the eve Capitol insurrection anniversary, one of American conservatism’s most influential architects urged RepublicansTo condemnThe CapitolInsurrection for national good

“On the anniversary of Jan. 6, I’m addressing squarely those Republicans who for a year have excused the actions of the rioters who stormed the Capitol, disrupted Congress as it received the Electoral College’s results, and violently attempted to overturn the election,”Submitted Karl RoveIn an op-ed published by the Wall Street Journal,, a former senior adviser in the George W. Bush Administration and political commentator.

RoveAll attempts to condemn at “soft pedaling” the events of Jan. 6, arguing that any downplaying of the violence or mob’s motivations was a danger to the country.

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“They smashed doors and windows, illegally entered the Capitol, ransacked offices and searched for leaders of Congress, and made dire threats about what would happen if they found them,” RoveI wrote that 725 people were charged with crimes related to the riot in the past year and 163 have pleaded guilty.

RoveWhat have you speculated? Republicans would have done had Democrats organized a similar violent insurrection on former President Donald Trump’s certification in 2017, questioning if GOP lawmakers and rank-and-file would still endorse the actions as “patriotic”Or at least partially justified.

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“If Democrats had done what some Trump supporters did on that violent Jan. 6, Republicans would have criticized them mercilessly and been right to do so,”He wrote.

Republican lawmakers are being urged to “put country over party,” RoveThat was contested “true patriotism”It was necessary to examine the motives and risks posed by the insurrection. Trump encouraged the rioters to stop the certification with force.

“Love of country demands nothing less,” Rove wrote.