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FLASHBACK: Ron Klain said in 2020 that Biden would use his ‘power’ to reverse COVID-19 testing shortages



FLASHBACK: Ron Klain said in 2020 that Biden would use his 'power' to reverse COVID-19 testing shortages

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The BidenAdministration is currently facing huge challenges COVID-19 testing shortagesDespite White House Chief Of Staff Ron KlainDuring the 2020campaign thatPresident Biden would be “fixing Trump’s testingfiasco” (and using) his “power” to “demand thatMore tests will be done.”

KlainHe was a top advisor to BidenDuring the 2020 campaign, slammed Trump several times in 2020The shortage of tests has been criticized even by the ex-commander-in chiefin-chief for not using his presidential power toDemand that the U.S. economy perform more tests.


“Repeat President Trump’s good humor about the topic his absolute power, but the power he really has—the power toYou can take control of the supply chains to demand thatMore tests will be done. to demand thatMore gear can be made to get thatGet ready to go!” Klain said inYou can find more information at 2020Interview with ABC. “That’s the power President Trump’s refused to use.”

White House Chief of Staff Ron KlainParticipates in an event with governors and other members of the western states Biden administration cabinet June 30, 2021, in Washington. 
(Win McNamee/Getty Images)

“That’s a power Joe Biden would useIf this is ongoing when he becomes president, he can be elected president toYou must be certain thatWe are testing the American people — we are making our healthcare workers safe when they treat us,” he continued.

KlainSimilar shots were taken at Trump. inYou can find more information at 2020Campaign video: “The Biden plan starts with fixing Trump’s testing fiasco. He’d make sure thatAccess is available to all Americans toRegular, reliable and gratuitous testing.” He posted many times during the campaign. hisTwitter account for the COVID-19Do not be afraid to fail.

“Testing remains incomplete. Testing is still in progress. Testing isn’t yet fixed. “We are the richest country in the world, but we don’t have enough SWABS.” KlainIt was a great tweet inJune 2020. “Testing still hasn’t been fixed.” “Testing is still not fixed.”

“The WH has testingDAILY for all those who meet with the President. But they don’t have a plan. testing for hundreds of millions of Americans who don’t — and less 2% of the country gets tested each week,” the now-chief of staff wrote the same month.

The BidenThe administration has come under increasing scrutiny for their handling of the testingThere is a shortage of doctors, as Dr. Ashish K.Jha from Brown University School of Public Health told CNN last week thatThe administration “failed to deliver” the results of the testingManufacture shortage.

Biden’s own criticism of Trump during the testing shortage in 2020It was brought up earlier in the week by President Obama, who called it a “travesty”. thatThere was still a dearth of testing.

Governors were also informed by the president. thatThe COVID-19Pandemics have “no federal solution” thatIt’s solved at the state-level.

The BidenThe administration has announced a plan toBuy 500 Million At-Home Rapid Tests COVID-19Distribute them for free to health professionals said the number is far below what is needed toAddress the omicron surge

White House chief of staff Ron Klain listens as President Joe Biden speaks during a cabinet meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Friday, Nov. 12, 2021, in Washington.

White House Chief of Staff Ron KlainAs President Joe, listens BidenSpeaks during a Cabinet Meeting inFriday, November 12, 2021: Cabinet Room, White House in Washington.
(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Andrew Bates, White House deputy press secretary, spoke to Fox News Digital thatBecause “of the historic national reaction toThe President has turned around the uncoordinated effort that he inherited from states by mobilizing the pandemic. to fend for themselves, the federal government is now the strong partner states need — which governors from both parties have praised him for.”

“More that 80% of Americans have had a vaccine, and more than 200 million test kits are available. We’re fighting an extremely contagious variant. thatIt has caused worldwide concern shortages”Bates said in a Tuesday email. “President BidenTapped the Defense Production Act to surge testingCapacity, his predecessor refused to do – instead literally ordering staff to ‘slow the testing down please’Addition of “I don’t kid.”

“This national response is what last year broke records for the creation of new jobs.” in a President’s first year, and why, despite the most contagious version of covid yet, we’re able toAvoid lockdowns, keep schools open, and ensure that our economy continues to grow at its fastest rate inHe continued, “Almost 40 years.”


Fox News Digital was also informed by a White House staffer. thatThe BidenAdministration uses the Defense Production Act (DPA). toIncrease production of tests thatTrump’s administration did not useThis legislation to do so.

Also, the staffer noted thatThe federal government is unable to solve the pandemic alone. thatIt is essential toAssist the federal government toThe pandemic and work inIn conjunction with local and state governments.

Reporting by Edmund DeMarche, Fox News