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Detail Architects submits plans for housing on Leeds railwayside plot



Detail Architects submits plans for housing on Leeds railwayside plot

The latest proposal from the Leeds and London based studio for the bushland property next to the railroad tracks in downtown Armley is the ninth proposed by various architects to the city council.

Previous unrealized plans for the Kilburn Road site range from a single-family home to a three-story block of 12 apartments and two three-bedroom houses.

The 270 m² project proposed by Detail Architects comprises a trio of three-story brick-clad terraced houses with courtyard gardens and small terraces.

A future time frame is not yet known.

The architect’s point of view

A one-sided residential approach has allowed us to effectively turn our backs on the railroad line and busy Tong Road, increasing acoustic resistance and maximizing natural light.

Due to the spatial proximity of the buildings (3m), the dividing gables were left empty. The view from the main facade of the upper floors is unobstructed and the next buildings are far away.

The upper floor has windows facing the gable of the neighboring property, but the corner location means that the unobstructed view of the skyline is retained to a limited extent.

On the ground floor, the distance between the large living room windows is smaller than the requirements of the planning authority, but similar to that of a traditional “back garden” between the back wall and the fence. [We believe] that the quality of the space (daylight and relationship) is more important than a consistent approach to building separation distances. There are many award winning examples across the UK of similar and smaller spacing between facades.

Proposed ground floor plan

Since each of the properties is designed to take advantage of the same amount of natural light and the type of roof gardens some of which overlook between the properties, this might be possible.

We wanted to make sure these views were limited while avoiding the use of massive, heavy structures to achieve this.

Our first reaction was the planting that would help integrate the project into the tree line, but we appreciate the need to ensure there are no “pocket views” as the planting will naturally develop over the years of settlement.

As a result, the proposed wooden screens fit into the planting, become part of the planted appearance and at the same time offer a permanent fallback to avoid being overlooked between the plots.

The proposed design avoids a long solid mass of dwellings that would essentially obscure the view of the existing vegetation behind it, which is a hard stop for the building and the beginning of the tree line.

Project data

Location Armley, Leeds
local community Leeds City Council
Type of project Private developer residential
client Confidential
architect Detail architects
Landscape architect Not appointed
Planning consultant ID planning
Main contractor Not appointed
financing Private donor
Offer date Not set
Start date on site Not set
Completion date Not set
Gross internal area 270m² (90m² per apartment)
total cost Not known

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