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Arizona AG gears up for Supreme Court fight with Biden admin over Trump-era rule on immigrants, welfare



Arizona AG gears up for Supreme Court fight with Biden admin over Trump-era rule on immigrants, welfare

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ArizonaAttorney General Mark Brnovich is getting ready up for Supreme CourtArguments next month overA Trump-eraPolicy onImmigrants receiving welfareThis was dropped by the early part of last year. Biden administration.

Trump introduced the “public cost” rule2019: We sought to expand the definition and scope of public charges, while limiting legal immigrants deemed to be reliant. on welfareFrom receiving permanent residency or green card. 


It specifically defined a public charge for an immigrant who has one or more of the designated public benefits. forA 36-month period that lasts more than 12 consecutive months. When someone is unable to work for more than 12 months in a 36-month period, consideration will be given. onA temporary visa may be applied forYou can apply for a green card.

Trump’s administration and Republican supporters claimed that ruleProtected taxpayers and Prevented welfarePrograms can be made more flexible.

“The bottom line is that we are aware of the public charge ruleBrnovich said that it is a common-sense approach to immigration policy that makes sure our public assistance programs are readily available when Americans most require them.” Brnovich spoke to Fox News in an interview.

Although Trump’s administration attracted a lot of attention, onIllegal immigration was just one of the many actions that the administration took onlegal immigration was controversial, as it was among immigrant advocates. Opponents of the ruleThey warned that it was cruel and could stop needy immigrants getting the help they need. forThey are their children.

Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary, stated in a statement that last year that ruleIt was “not in keeping with our nation’s values.”

Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, testifies at a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting Nov. 16, 2021. onWashington’s Capitol Hill 
(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

He stated that “it penalized those who have access to health benefits and other government service available to them.”

The ruleThe Ninth Circuit blocked the appeal CourtAppeals during the previous administration. At the time the Supreme CourtThe case was accepted by the BidenAdministration was in office. It opposed the ruleThe defense was dropped. 

The 11 Republican states that followed were led by ArizonaThey are now challenging that move and accusing the administration in an “unprecedented coordinated and multi-court strategy.” 

This lawsuit does not only concern the policy. Biden administration’s abandoning of the defense. The GOP states desire to take upThe defense of rule themselves.

Join us ArizonaAlabama, Arkansas (Indiana), Kansas, Louisiana and Mississippi are the plaintiffs in this suit. The case was closed last month. Oral arguments will take place in February.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.
(Fox News)


“I think this is a very important issue from a policy perspective and also really important because we’re essentially doing the job that the Biden administration won’t,” Brnovich told Fox.

If the states win, the court will then examine the merits and validity of the policy. The court won a critical election case. Supreme CourtIn 2021 with a conservative majority onAccording to the court, the states are likely to be optimistic about their chances. Brnovich does not make any predictions about the outcome of their claim, as it was rejected in the first instance.

“I learned long ago as a prosecutor not be able to predict what a court will do. But I do believe that we are right.” onThe law and the right onHe said that the policy was in line with his beliefs. “The public charge requirement is common sense policy. It reflects the fact that America is indeed a land of opportunity and a country of immigrants. welfare state.”

This is the latest legal dispute between conservative states and the BidenAdministration on immigration. The BidenAdministration was forced to end a 100-day planned moratorium onImmigration and Customs Enforcement has been deporting people and has reinstated the Migrant Protection Protocols due to legal challenges.


Fox News’ Brnovich said that he sees legal challenges against administration policies in many areas.

“The Biden administration, or whoever is talking in the president’s earpiece, is intent onSocializing our economy and nationalizing our elections led to us conceding control of our south border to the cartels. As a result, myself and my coworkers are extremely busy being the tip of a sword and the last line for defense when it comes down to defending our constitutional rights and liberties.” he stated.