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8 Swizzles to Try Today



8 Swizzles to Try Today

There are few styles of cocktails that are cooler and more refreshing than the Swizzle, which originated in the Caribbean, specifically the West Indies. A swizzle is defined by the use of crushed, cracked or pebble ice (i.e. not in cubes) and its preparation method: swizzle with a swizzle stick. The original swizzle stick came from twigs with forked branches taken from an evergreen tree found in the Southern Caribbean, Quararibea Turbinata, but today it is usually made from metal or plastic. While it is possible to make these refreshing cocktails at home with a bar spoon, the best results are achieved when a suitable swizzle stick is used.

Once you have the right tools and ice, these eight buzzers should be tried. One piece of advice: enlarge the recipes and make them in jugs when drinking in company. They are incredibly tasty and will go away quickly.

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